How Meeting Notes
Can Work For You

AwnTrack Responsive App Concept

After studying many large companies, it became apparent that people spend a lot of time in meetings. While some may be productive, others are not. This responsive app allows a meeting organizer to set up an agenda and share it with all participants. Each participant has a dedicated note taking space and an area to rate the quality of discussion on each agenda item. Metrics are collected and shared with the participants.

AwnTrack Desktop Concept


Meetings can be stored in folders for improved organization. A meeting can be reorganized by dragging and dropping it into a different folder. By default new meetings appear in the New Meetings folder.

AwnTrack Folder Organization

Meeting Setup

Details such as a line itemed agenda and a list of participants is required upon setup.

AwnTrack New Meeting

The Meeting Binder

The meeting space is presented as a binder. The cover page outlines the meetings agenda. Metrics appear next to each agenda item indicating aggregated ratings. Discussed items can be marked tabled, still open, or closed. This enables participants to keep track of the quality of discussion around each item.

AwnTrack Meeting Binder

Dedicated Note Spaces

Each participant has a dedicated page in the binder. Agenda items are tightly integrated with the note taking space. Text formatting options are available along with a ratings bar.

AwnTrack Note Taking Space

Ratings Are a Must

Participants are required to rate each item discussed before leaving the meeting binder.

AwnTrack Voting Completion